Garage for Sale in Isola della Scala


Reference 1571
Price 4.744 €
Typology Garage
Contract vendita
City Isola della Scala
Sq.m. 18
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

Subject of this sale is a garage. The property is located in Isola della Scala (VR), with vehicular and pedestrian access instead of via Corte Padovana 46. The environment is quiet and little traffic. The area is equipped for residential, located in the immediate vicinity of the historic town center, and well served by primary and secondary infrastructure. The unit is part of a residential complex recently built (2005-2007) called Padovana Court. The complex consists of several apartment buildings that share an underground garage. The car garage (junior 34) is located in the basement and can be reached by vehicle ramp with electric gate and connected by stairs with the common courtyard. The compartment is equipped with a single and over door in galvanized metal. Inside the garage it has the floor in concrete, walls made of concrete blocks and light point. The internal height is 2.40 meters. Garage not equipped with a girth window. Manufactured with certificate of viability. The property is in good repair and conservation.